Your 30 Day Bootcamp Plan


If I was an agent in your market today… had bills to pay and few or no pendings… this is what I’d do to Augment my income FAST
A 30 day – No EGO – Pedal to the Metal BOOTCAMP – That’s right… SUMMER camp is over and it’s time!
For 30 days I’d commit to: Show up at the office, dressed to play, with a great attitude… earlier than anyone else… 6 days a week, minimum 9 hours a day (and probably 10-14 hour days) and do whatever it took to make money, create leads, referrals, and LEARN. No whining, no vacations, no sick days… until the full 30 days was complete.  Yes, taking 5-10 minute breaks every few hours. Yes, taking lunch and dinner breaks.  Yes, fitting in exercise and mediation/affirmation times.
HOW would that work?  YOUR 30 day Bootcamp Plan is yours to create.  I’d choose at least 8 from this list for my bootcamp…create the plan in less than an hour… and start it. 
#1 – Select a target market area I could get to in less than 15 minutes. No giant research project, just pick one with about 2000-5000 homes.  All efforts would be in that area to create maximum ease of market knowledge expertise in short time, and no wasted travel… And immediately (day ONE) contact every FSBO and Expired in the area, asking to preview and putting any leads from that into an aggressive 30 day follow up plan. Phone, mail, visits, email. If I couldn’t close them, I’d ask someone in my office to help me and split it with them to get LISTINGS on the market ASAP (because listings get you other business).

#2 – Select a listing of my own OR Find the BEST listing from my office in that area (preferably vacant) in which the agent would allow me to market and sit it open house. Then:

• Visit every comp and know exactly how to show them too (since the listing you are marketing MAY not be the “best one” for every Buyer – too big, too small, too much $, etc). This will take about half a day.
• Run simple Craiglist ads every day (or even a few times a day, different ads) and borrow LOTS of open house signs & use any other Open House advertising available free/cheap and sit the house open every 2-3 days for 2-3 hours adding one of the below each day.
• Knock every door in the area inviting people to the open and asking if they or someone they knew wanted to buy/sell giving business cards and a flyer on the house with a detailed CMA on the back (my info on everything).
• Knock nearby lower-end homes/townhomes/condos & rental complexes if possible to invite move-up Buyers and search for more Sellers showing them a rent-verses-buy analysis. If knocking wasn’t allowed, I’d post on every bulletin board with tear off phone numbers at the bottom of the flyer.
• For every buyer lead I got, I’d call every expired and fsbo in the area with the “I have a buyer script” looking for a match… or a listing!
• If traffic was slow or nonexistent, I’d do #10 below at the Opens.
Repeat with other listings when you exhaust one.  Probably 3-6 properties total in the 30 days.
#3 – Contact all Zillow Make-Me-Move potential Sellers by phone or mail in or near my target area.
#4 – Wear name tags, professional attire, have a clean car and commit to giving out 12 business cards a day… no matter what…Never going home without it being done.  Asking every person given a card who they knew that wanted to buy or sell – ANYWHERE in the country or Canada… of course, working those in my market area.. and I’d have a goal to place at least 1 referral a day with a good agent outside my market area.
#5 – Ask a Rental listing that was offering good commission to the Co-Op agent if I could market their rental. Craigslist, free/cheap local papers, bulletin boards, handwritten signs on telephone poles, etc. Rentals = quick income (usually less than 30 days)
#6 – Ask Agents in my office for any OLD leads they had…. and offer a 30% referral fee to get them thrilled to give them up.
#7 – Ask the BEST Agents in my office if I could work with them for a few weeks… as their assistant, on a project, as a buyers agent, etc… for hourly $$ and if a sale is involved for a %.  No more than 2 hours a day. I’d learn from them by doing that work and make a few $$ as well. If no one would hire me, I’d ask to shadow the best for a few hours a week. Take notes, learn.
#8 – Run free ads offering Cash Back to Buyers who bought through me. (Every deal leads to another one you don’t have to give $$ back to, but you need SOME deal… to get the ball rolling). “Buy a home through me and get up to $3000 back to you at closing! Call or email me for details”.  Details? Credit at closing of a portion of your commission. If you get 3% on a $1M deal, that’s $30,000 and a 10% of your commission credited at closing (or credited from Seller to buyer with your commission reduced by same amount if that’s a problem in your area) is $3K to the Buyer…
#9 – Take ANY listing I could get at ANY price and ANY commission in order to be allowed to market it, put a sign in front, sit it open, door knock the area, etc etc. Just for Bootcamp month. The goal is to create some business FAST! And listings get you calls, allow you to knock, sit open, etc.
#10 – Contact every person I knew (this is your Database, address book, contact list on your phone…. wherever you have it, whatever the method) at least asking for introductions to people they know that might want to buy or sell, writing thank you notes for each contact and giving several business cards in each note.  I’d sent a thank you note for any lead…. no matter how bad it was, with a $5 Starbucks thank you card in it.  – Don’t try to spend time building a perfect Database during bootcamp. Don’t worry about who you don’t have… what info you don’t have… work with what you DO have, wherever it is.
#11- Offer a WIN-WIN-WIN program to any charitable organizations, church, etc that you are part of in the area. Here’s how it works: Help start a business directory for the group or present to those in an existing one to participate in a WIN-WIN-WIN program.  Anyone from the organization refers someone to you (or another business that wants to participate).  The client they refer WINS because they get to work with a GREAT service provider! (you). The service provider (you) agrees to donate 10% to the organization from your net income on the sale. The organization WINS.  And the service provider(you) donate it IN THE NAME of the person that referred you. — THEY WIN TOO.    3 WINS.
#12 – Use Facebook and other real estate…. to talk about real estate and ask for Homes to sell to your Buyers… or Buyers to show your Listings to. Roughly 4:1 ratio of personal verses business posts. Posting SOMETHING at least 1x/day. Twice is even better (remembering the 4:1 ratio).  Update all other social media (Linked-In, etc) with correct info, new professional photo of yourself, testimonials if you can get some, etc. NO perfectionism, just get it done.
#13 – Find MLM’s/ Income or Commission Generating Products related to real estate (Send Out Cards, Master Networks, etc) that can give you a way to augment your income related to Real Estate. Work on these in your “off hours” of real estate work!  –  MORE on those later this month… Remember, this is in your “off hours” only.
#14 – STRETCH yourself to contact a minimum of 1 Expired or FSBO each day during bootcamp this DOUBLE or TRIPLE your normal price range. (Yes, it will be outside your target market area… this is the ONLY thing outside that area in the plan).  If you get just ONE deal from this it can REALLY augment your income!
At the end of 30 days I’d choose the things that got me the best qualified leads…. and work those items… specifically the next 30 days on a more normal 5-6 day a week 8-10 hour a day schedule.
Note: Not all these will work in every market.  Check with your Broker/State rules.

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