What will happen in Atlanta March 5th, 6th, and 7th?

DAY 1: Buyers & the Lean Mean Real Estate Machine (Part 1)…

– How to close 2-4 buyer sides a month without listings or a website!!!

– Lean Mean Qualifying Buyer Leads to STOP WASTING TIME – conversion case studies of what’s working NOW!

– Lean Mean Buyer Showing and Closing Skills to MAKE MORE MONEY.

– Lean THINKING, SCHEDULE and SYSTEMS = MORE $$/working hour!

DAY 2: Listings & the Lean Mean Real Estate Machine (Part 2)…

– Lean Mean FSBO System to get at LEAST 1 listing a week! ZERO resistance!

– Lean Mean Objection Handling that GETS you the APPOINTMENT and SIGNATURE EVERY TIME!

– Lean Mean COACHING Machine – Coaching Clients explain WHAT Coaching does for them

– Wicked “Smaht” Competition – this alone will be worth your entire trip!

– Mike’s Famous (or maybe infamous) real estate predictions…


– Learn what’s working now for each coaching client PLUS get help with what your struggling with LIVE

– The Power of Knowledge Shared

– Day 3 is for coaching clients online (if you’re not a coaching client you can get more information prior to the event or on days 1 or 2)


ARTMORE Hotel $119/night (includes breakfast) – call 404-876-6100 code: Your Coaching Matters
1302 W. Peachtree Street
Midtown Atlanta, GA 30309

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