What to Do between Now and end of the Year

10 Things to DO to have the BEST last 5 weeks of the year:

1. “Tell your day what to do… or you’ll wonder where it went” – Dave Ramsey:
– Start every day with a 15 minute time-block to create a to-do list for THAT day using ABC method – THEN… when the day distracts you, go back to the list.
A- Must be done today.
B- Should be done very soon.
C- Great idea… & if not done in 2 weeks, dump it or delegate it. (2 weeks is the shelf-life in today’s world)

2. Call EVERY Lead that did NOT buy or list with you this year…. and every LISTING that expired or withdrew:
– Ask them again… for business and referrals NOW.
– Be POSITIVE about the improving market. USE the great articles you have to support that positivity.
– Go back as far as you need to find… and reach at least 50 old leads over the next 5 weeks. It’s just 10 a week!
– YOUR GOAL NEEDS TO BE TO LIST AS MANY PROPERTIES AS YOU CAN THE NEXT 2 months… the prices are going to catch up if you list them and give yourself long enough to sell them  (…Yun said no surprised if prices were to rise 10%)

3. Figure out ONE improvement in your Customer Service… and implement it NOW:
What complaints have you heard this year about your services? How could you solve those?
What complaints have you heard about OTHER agents?
What IS your “Customer Service” plan? (It’s often about contacting them more often Leads-Listings-Pendings-PC/COI)
Are you giving your Clients the DISNEY WORLD / 4 Seasons feeling?

4. Personally Call every CURRENT & Past Client… plus Everyone that gave you a Referral from this year… and tell them how grateful you are for their past and future business and referrals.
– Explain how you’re improving your Customer Service in keeping pace with the “rising real estate market” and YOU are there for them. Ask how you can help them NOW… and in the coming year. If this is done quickly, go back to last year and do it for them too…. and then the years before.

5. Make a DECISION: Don’t go to bed without a minimum of 5 contacts SEVEN DAYS a week now until the End of the Year:
For best results do those Minimum 5 before 10am every day… but that said, I don’t care if it’s midnight….
Find 5 people you can contact before you get in bed. Create this habit and you WILL have business both BEFORE the end of the year AND in the first Quarter.
Get our of your Box. How could you find 5 people NOW?

6. Review your Life’s Intentions Inventory – What are the top three “5”s? (ask me if you lost the form)
– Write out the statements “I am willing to be ______” about each
– Create ONE small sweet step every day that SUPPORTS one of those 3 top Life’s Intentions
(This may be the most powerful thing you can do of all 10)
THINK SMALL SWEET STEP.  (think “drip irrigation”)

7. Talk to EVERY vendor you have worked with all year… add them to your Database, and PERSONALLY THANK them for their work with you this year:
– They WILL take your call… Be sincere and thank them for the part they played in your successes of 2012 AND tell them how you are COUNTING on them for 2013.
– Ask them about themselves. LEARN something new about them and make a note in your Database… Tell them about your Customer Service Improvements and ask them for referrals. — NO ONE ELSE is doing this with those people in your market.
– SCHEDULE a next follow-up date… talk them every 3 months for the next 12 months…

8. Work on your 2013 Business Plan & arrange your current schedule around the contacts and leads for the NEW PLAN.
– Use the attached “Simple Business Plan” (1-2 hours) OR if that doesn’t work for you then just set up your Numbers Tracker 2013 Goal using the Goal Setting Tab (10 minutes).  Don’t forget to select 2013!… Then go to Keys to your Income page and re-set that page to 2013 and the date range to 1/1/13 – 12/31/13 and then hit “file” and “print” and print out the plan.
– Arrange your CURRENT schedule around the contacts & leads you need for the NEW plan and work THAT schedule the rest of the year to the BEST of your ability

9. Get a binder and write down all the good ideas you’re having during this 5 weeks. No doubting, just write them down.
Great new customer service ideas.
Great marketing ideas.
Great Team building ideas.
Great lead generation ideas.
Great Database work ideas.
Use a page to write out in as much detail as possible WHY you would hire YOU, getting CLEAR and CONFIDENT on your own Service.What are the BEST things about you as an Agent?
Have the COURAGE to imagine the biggest goal you can…. so big that you have to GROW into the person that could meet that goal…
Schedule a time the 1st week of the year (A WHOLE DAY) to go through the ideas binder and choose which you’ll implement in 2013.

10. Get Clarity on what’s “Urgent” and what is “Important” these last 5 weeks of work:
– Important is your daily schedule from #8 above and to-do list from #1 above
– Urgent is giving impeccable wonderful, caring, servant-service to the business we have.
THAT will give you more business.
-If your clients can’t stand you… getting more clients won’t grow your business. Just turning business over and over isn’t the way to grow your business.
Nurturing your clients – your precious commodities are your clients – THAT is how to grow the business.

• Figure out how YOU can BUY a piece of Real Estate somewhere in the US between now and March 31, 2013:
What would it take?
Where would you buy?
What is the potential upside of the purchase?
Even if you don’t DO it… figuring out how you could will EMPOWER you and EXCITE you to help others!

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