There are 3 Sales in Almost Every Deal….

Did you know there are 3 sales that occur in most real estate sales?  That’s right… you have to sell the property THREE times.  And if you are not effective at ALL THREE sales, you may not close the deal…

Sale #1

First, you must sell the property to the Real Estate Agents… You have to have an attractive price, GREAT photos/video/remarks, be EASY to show and GET showing instructions, AND an attractive Selling Office Commission. This gets Agents to SHOW your listing. That is Sale #1

Sale #2

Second, you must sell the property to the BUYER.  Again, you STILL have to have an attractive price, great curb appeal, be easy to show AND it has to look, feel smell great when they SEE it inside too. This gets Buyers to make an offer on the property.  That is Sale #2

Sale #3 is the one we often forget about….

For MOST transactions, you have 3rd sale that must ocur to close the deal. This is the SALE to the bank and the appraiser.  Are you doing a great job on THAT sale, or is that the sale you’re crashing and burning on… with Low Appraisals, Bank required repairs, etc.  Are YOU, the listing agent, meeting the appraiser at the property? Do you have a package of comps with yellow highlights of what they need to see? Do you have a great CMA form you’re using that PROVES your price? Is the house prepared for the most important showing of all? Are the lights and fans on? Music? Is it clean and ready for this LAST sale?   If not… and if this is one of the Leaks in Your Income Funnel (deals falling out during Pending Process), then take this opportunity to CORRECT it and make this LAST sale in the selling process.

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