In 1998 The Stott Team generated $172,000 – we were one of the FIRST real estate companies that had a website!  Check it out, it’s still up and working and it’s
Imagine how far back it was to get THAT 5 letter website… yep… a LONG time ago. We were ahead of our time….

In 2001 we generated $13,000 from internet leads … and we’d done nothing different…
That was exactly the problem… we’d done nothing different!

The fact is that the INTERNET changed and we didn’t…

What was ONCE cool in real estate?
Fax Machines
Cell Phone Bricks (and $3/minute)
Email ability
IDX searches on your website
Sending a DVD about your listing to someone

In ONE MINUTE on the internet
Google has 695,000 quires
6,600 photos are uploaded to Flikr
70 new domains will be registered
Facebook has more users than people in all but 2 countries in the world
168 MILLION emails are sent
13,000 iPhone apps are uploaded
20,000 new posts on Tumblr
1200 new ads are Created on Craiglist
100 new accounts on Linked-In
370,000 voice calls are done on Skype
13,000 hours of music streaming by Pandora
Hot Buyer or Seller finds YOU on the net… somewhere…  Are you there for them to find? Are you pushing your internet content to go viral (Facebook, Craigslist, etc)?

Couple of things we looked at on the call:

Tim’s Squeeze Page – click here

Tim’s YouTube video for the property – click here

VIDEO sells… and it’s really EASY. Don’t make it hard. Don’t make it perfect. Make mistakes… people LOVE them.   Check this one out… with over 3,400 views

Easy to do from your desk:
Mike’s silly 19 second eyejot video – I got an odd message when I went to it, but when I hit continue or dismiss all, it still took me to the video… It also plays right in the email when he sent to me… try it.


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