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The Sales Skills of NLPFree Webinar
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Top Real Estate agents, athletes, entrepreneurs, attorneys, speakers, and educators study NLP to improve performance.
In a recent Super Agents Live interview, agent Patrick Harvey credited NLP for a 30% increase in his closing ratio.

Donna Fleetwood is an accredited ICF coach with Your Coaching Matters. She is an NLP Practitioner and has studied NLP techniques for 20 years

 Absentee Owners Course – Free Webinar

Why might you want to take this class?
  1. It’s harder to find phone numbers for Expired’s and even FSBO’s who will only give an email address. And that is not going to get better until and unless we get a national cell phone directory.
  2. More and more people are eliminating a home phone number, so getting numbers even for a neighborhood farm area is getting harder and harder.
  3. The leads you’re getting from cold internet sources are getting more and more diluted with “junk” and it’s harder to sort out the real leads from the time wasters.
  4. You simply want to add a long-term easy to generate business comprised of people who WANT to hear from you, will gladly give you their contact information, and are loyal to you. If you’re in a resort market area, you have a little competition with others. And if you not in a resort area, you may have NO competition.
Zero Resistance FSBOs – Free Webinar 

FSBO-smallerCoach Mike Stott teaches how to use question-based selling along with email marketing to Get FSBOs to Talk AND List with You.

Over 900 of your peers have taken this course and are LISTING a FSBO a week…. or MORE!


Zero Resistance Expired – Watch Free Webinar

Expired-signJoin Mike Stott who will show you what it takes to make Expired listings work for you!

Database Mastery – Watch Free Webinar 

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A packed 3-week course to BUILD, MAINTAIN, and PROFIT from your Past Clients, Centers of Influence, and other Databases.

Taught by Donna Stott who helped build and manage a 33,000 record database over 14 years resulting in over $2M in gross commission income per year!
Prospecting Games
Led by Donna Fleetwood learn how to make the P word FUN and EXCITING! If you don’t know 30 DIFFERENT ways to Prospect, take this class!
  • Challenge yourself to 30 days of FUN Prospecting games to play for only $6.46 a game!
  • Each participant will get a daily game to play around prospecting! If you want to have FUN and make MORE CONTACTS, take this class!
  • Group calls to talk about the games on All Wednesday’s in July (1,8,15,22 & 29).

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  • thumbnailWhere to find Buyers – Plus how to recognizing the Danger Signs from buyers you don’t want.
  • Follow-up System – How to create one that works!
  • 100% qualify – Both for motivation & financially
  • Buyers Presentation – How to create/perform one that results in COMMITMENT
  • Create URGENCY – How to get Buyers to Act Now
  • Show Buyers – A method to avoid wasting time
  • Better Offers – By using CMA’s, Stats, & Creating BRAGGING RIGHTS
  • Buyers are NOT liars – They just don’t have enough information
  • Deep 5 Why’s exercise – WHY is a powerful question.
  • Tell The Truth – When it’s OK to tell them if it’s better to rent. Tell the truth, earn referrals, and respect.
  • Minimum Standards – You DON’T “have to” work with everyone
  • GRATEFUL for the Problems – Challenges are WHY they need us. Embrace them and look at them at the “job security” they are. The secret about problems…
  • Creating a smooth transaction – Buying/Selling a home is Stressful. It’s NORMAL they are stressed. It’s NOT normal that YOU are stressed.
Make more money and have more control over your business…What could be better?