One Solution to Dried-Up Business Sources

 Absentee Owners = $$$
Would you like a business source that is NOT tied to the ups and downs of the market…  That will not go away when business is smokin’ HOT (like Expired and even FSBO’s somewhat)… nor when the market is SLOW (like Buyers and Investors)?
This solution is working Absentee Owners as a Business Source.


Here are the top 6 reasons you may want to explore this source for long-term consistent results:

1.  Little to no competition.  Very few markets have anyone consistently working the AO market. AND the owners aren’t seeing the competitions’s advertising… because they don’t live in the area.

2. Less emotional attachment.  Because this is an investment, it’s not as personal as a private home. It’s far easier to talk numbers and strategy logically.

3. You get to work normal business hours.  AO’s generally expect you to work 8-5 M-Fri like other business professionals. They are far less likely to ask you to work a lot of evenings and weekends. Because many may live in other time zones, you can even stack your contacts based on that.

4. Much of your work is by Email and Mail.  Less or no in-person contact can simply make an easier to manage business.

5. They are easy to find.  AO’s are right in your tax rolls for you to download with a simple search to get names and mailing addresses.  There are companies that will find their phone numbers and email addresses for a very reasonable cost in bulk.

6. They TRULY need your help. Because they don’t live nearby, AO’s are not generally informed about your local market. You can be someone they depend on… for information… and rely on to advise them. That trust that is built = you listing their properties when they want or need to sell.

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