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Too often in real estate, we say we hate something – buyers, cold calling, other agents. Let’s work just for today on being known for being a light in our industry. -Mike

Conversation advancer of the week:

I have a friend in the business

Yes, I admire your loyalty to your friend. And I am sure they want you to net the most money possible out of this sale. As in many sales businesses, 90% of the homes sold are done by 10% of the agents. It would be interesting to know if your friend is part of the 90% or of the 10% because experience has taught me that just because someone has a real estate license does not mean they are the best person to help you. Based upon what you’ve told me your next best step is to …

Tech Tip:



Grammarly is an invaluable tool for marketing professionals.

Anyone who writes more than a few emails every day needs an app to check for spelling and grammar mistakes, especially if your work is being published online or sent to clients.

Use Grammarly to check your work before hitting send.

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