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Conversation advancer of the week: double binds

Double Binds!

In NLP, we can use Double Binds to easily guide a prospect and client to the result they most want. This simple technique gives a client two alternative courses of action that lead to the same conclusion! People aren’t really paying attention to your every word but they do respond positively to your direction! This is a very powerful tool and is very easy to use!

  • Would it be better for you if I just dropped by tonight at 5:00 PM or should we set an appointment for noon tomorrow?
  • Would you like to sell your home or do you just want the most money from the sale?
  • Do you finally want to move into the new house or just to sell this one?
  • When we meet will all of the decision‐makers be there or will you be in a position to simply sign the contract to sell your house and get the process started?
  • Do you want to move with the more money now or just to net what the market is prepared to pay for your home right now?
  • Would you like to go to the beach or just see the waves?
  • Let’s get a sandwich or maybe just have some lunch.
  • Would you like to sell for more or just lose less money?
  • Do you want a top agent to handle the sale or do you just want the most qualified agent that you feel comfortable to handle all of the details for you?
  • When you list your home for sale will you have questions about your current loan or just how much you’ll net at the close of escrow?
  • Are you most interested in meeting soon or do you just want the property sold quickly?
  • When we meet, will you want to see how I sell houses, or just that I’m fully qualified to get you the most money for the sale of this home?
  • Are you more interested in how much you pay in fees or is it best for you to net the most money from the sale of your home in today’s market?
  • When you meet with me, do you want to meet at your house or is it easier for you to stop by our office?
  • Do you want to quickly get the process started or should I just fax the agreement so that you don’t lose any more time?
  • Did you really want to negotiate for yourself or just leave money on the table for the buyer?


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