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FSBO says you charge too much

This script is designed to cut through the internal convictions a For Sale by Owner may have. They may “think’ we charge too much, aren’t worth 3% etc. But they haven’t really given any thought to what we are worth – use this to cut through that chatter and get into a more meaningful conversation!

What’s the biggest advantage to you in selling on your own?

Saving the 3% Commission

I understand – that is a lot of money isn’t it?

Yes it is

You’re right. Please tell me more about why it’s important for you to net the most possible?

I need to …

Obviously, your time and effort are worth money right?


And my time is worth something?


And the Multiple Listing Service and all the agents that exclusively use that to find homes for their buyers are worth something?

I guess

And having a professional negotiator who has sold over XXX homes is worth something?

I’m a good negotiator!

I’m sure you are and I’ve done this for X years and XXX deals so it might be possible I’m really good at that! And the legal protection is worth something?

What do you mean? (explain E&O insurance) Yes

So what would you think is fair to pay someone like me?


Great thanks for being honest

When could I See the home or if I was to say I’d sell your home for 2% would you be willing to hire me?

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