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When they say: “We decided to save the commission and sell it ourselves.”

What you could say: “I agree that you can save on commission by selling it yourself — we all like to save money, I mean I shop at Costco too but did you know that today there are X houses for sale and that last month only Y actually sold?

“That’s an X-month supply of houses if no other homes come on the market, and only 4 percent of all houses sell by owner, which means 96 percent of houses listed are sold by real estate agents.

“Most top agents and buyers who are serious will never look at an FSBO [for sale by owner], and the buyers who will consider buying a FSBO will want to save the same commission that you’re trying to save. Statistics show that FSBOs sell for almost 6 percent less than houses listed with a professional. That means you could have me market the house and pay my fees — and still walk away from the settlement table with more money in your pocket than you would if you sold on your own. Are you ready to put me to work?”

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Many of you asked for more apps that let you locate/track family/team members Here are a few more

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