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Real Estate Conversations advancer of the Week:
They say: “Let’s list high; it leaves room to negotiate and we can always come down later.”

What you could say: “I understand you want to leave room to negotiate, and absolutely need the most money possible out of this sale AND have you considered the problems this might create?

“Most good buyers won’t even bother looking at properties out of their price range. You’ll end up fewer showings and receive fewer offers — and they may be lowball offers.

“The best opportunity statistically to sell your house for the highest and best price is in the first two t three weeks that it’s on the market. If you price the house according to what you expect to sell it for, you will have more showings and could even end up with multiple offers. Since netting the most is important lets price it at $XXXXXX

Tech I want

Flexible easy to carry keyboard for typing on my iPhone.

It should be on the market soon and is Nicer than these.

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