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Real Estate Conversation Advancer (objection handler):
Zillow told us our house is worth more than you are stating

What you say: “ I understand – getting the most money possible is important to you. Are you familiar with how Zestimates work?

“Zestimates take the deed recordings in a geographic area to determine the number. Obviously, they don’t factor in much besides square footage values. That includes refinances and deed transfers from family members, and they don’t include the condition of the home or any upgrades. They can often be too high or too low. Right now in our area, their average margin of error is 4.2%” (find yours here

“I will supply you with accurate information from the MLS, which includes interior photos, of the properties that are most likely to be seen by buyers when they are also looking at your house. In addition, I can show you the recent sales in the area that appraisers will look at when they’re determining the value of your house from the buyer’s mortgage company. I’ve also seen many of the homes and can factor that information it also. Have you seen any of the hoes in your area recently?

“Don’t you want the best information available when you decide how to price your house and when to place it on the market? Great let’s get together – I have today at 4:00 or tomorrow at 6:00 available! ”

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