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Dwell on this one everyone-

Until what is on the inside -that is, your mind – is corrected, the external world, that is, how you perceive and experience the world around you will be a mere reflection of it.

Real Estate Objection Conversation Pattern:
We are not ready to sell until we find our new home.

What you say: “What are you looking for? What’s important about ______? Tell me why do you need to sell your current house to purchase a new home?

If I can help you find your new home before you’ve sold your current house, that offer could be contingent on the sale of your current property. Most sellers don’t want to deal with a contingency, and even if the sellers accept your contingency offer, you’ll have to pay more. Do you see why that’s a weaker negotiating position?

Also, if you’ve signed a contract to buy a home and then you put your house up for sale, you’re more likely to feel desperate and take less money for your current house because you’ll want to get it sold in a hurry. Do you see how buying before selling could lead you to lose on both ends of the transaction?”

Let’s discuss some other options that may save you time and money and get you into that new home out efficiently. (these include temporary housing, staying with friends or family, pre or post-occupancy etc.)

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