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3 Quick Gratitude Boosters

Keep a Gratitude Journal: At the end of each day, make a list of three things you are grateful for. Think of everything from running water and a cozy bed to no red lights during your commute and having a great friend at work. The list can be endless! As you practice, you strengthen the neural pathways that help you find even more things to be grateful for. Pretty soon, gratitude will be your attitude.

In one study funded by the John Templeton Foundation as part of the Greater Good Science Center’s Expanding Gratitude Project, middle school students listed five things they were grateful for—for two weeks. They were then compared to a control group documenting their everyday events. In the end, the gratitude group reported more satisfaction with their school experience.

Write a Gratitude Letter: Choose someone who has made a positive impact on your life. Write he or she a letter explaining how and thanking them. Be specific and include lots of description. You can either mail the letter or just tuck it away. Expressing your gratitude heightens it.

Receive Gratefully: Many of us are better givers than receivers. Put your focus on your experience of receiving gratitude. When you’re given a compliment, do you belittle yourself by saying “it was nothing” or by playing down your role? Notice your experience as a recipient and try to receive compliments or thanks with grace. The law of giving and receiving places equal emphasis on both sides.

Objection Conversation of the week:
We don’t want to lower our price!
“If the home’s not selling, it’s not compelling to buyers in today’s market.
We need to make it more attractive to the buyers and the agents out there.
I have 6 ways we can do that!
“Homes that are selling have these compelling features (master on main, remodeled etc) We can make your home more attractive by:
1) Improving the exterior
2) Improving the interior
3) Offer a bond to the buyers
4) Offering a bonus to the buyers’ agent
5) Getting a conventional appraisal
6) If a home or owner can’t do the first five, you can explain to the homeowners that the best way to make their property more compelling is by lowering their price.
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Real Estate Tech – great podcast full of great info

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