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Mindset Thought

DO something –
go visit opens, look at new construction, stop by an FSBO or Expired, write 5 notes.
Don’t sit on the sideline and wait to see what happens.
When you are proactive and take initiative into the unknown you may fail, but you will win more.
New for 2019
Weekly Objection and how to make it a conversation:
Client: We will just wait until the market gets better in a few months.
Yourself: I understand completely Mr. and Mrs. XXX, might I ask What specifically causes you to believe that the market will get better just because six months goes by?
a. … and that this offer isn’t at today’s fair market value?
b. … and that now isn’t a great time to buy your next home?

Tech Tip


Didn’t think I’d like it – now I don’t want to be without it!

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