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Dive in and DO it!

In the last week, I did 51 (FIFTY ONE) demo videos for my software “Funnel Scripts!”

Between the prep, the reworking of the scripts, the production, etc. it came out to about 60 hours of work.

But a few super cool things came out of it that you can learn from:

  • Do something enough and you’ll get good at it.
  • Do something enough and you may just start to like it.
  • Do something enough and people will start to pay attention.
  • Do something enough and you’ll get new ideas.

Out of this, I got an idea for a new weekly show (Funnel Scripts In Action) where we’ll deep dive on a new script every week.

I got an idea for a show for my Jim Edwards Method Premium that we can do 2-3 times a month.

I also got totally re-energized from the experience… so if there’s something you need to get done, dive in and do it… and look for the hidden benefits!


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