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18 Thoughts for 2018


  • Instead of spending money on buying a business, focus on providing great service to the people you already know.




  • Ask one additional question before you let any conversation end.  Make it a momentous conversation by not letting the conversation end when other agents would.  Ask your coach for some terrific questions (you know more than you may think – write them out.)




  • Decide to come from a Spirit of Contribution every day! Who can you help make a good decision by providing good information, terrific follow-through, and not-thought-of options? Our job is to help our clients make the best decision possible and succeed with their real estate objectives.




  • Be grateful every day. Studies show that this is the single most effective thing we can do to experience happiness.  Try writing down three things each day that you are sincerely grateful for – come up with new ones each day!




  • What you think about multiplies – think good thoughts. Set the arena before every interaction.  




  • Dedicate 15 minutes a day towards reading or listening to a “good” book. Ask your coach for their recommendations.




  • Exercise.  A walk, swim, a bike ride or kettlebell swings can do a lot to make the other points on this list easier to accomplish.




  • Celebrate. Small wins, big wins, and learning experiences. Have some fun




  • See people through the Green Lens.  Notice when you are seeing someone through the red lens and consciously shift.  You’ll notice a lot less stress when you do this.




  • Be Kind.  Enough said.




  • Acknowledge everyone.  A sincere smile in your eyes, a cheerful greeting, acknowledgment, “please” and “thank you” go a long way towards making your world a wonderful place.




  • “Hot Dog!!!” enthusiasm will beat “Oh God” lethargy every time. Your clients and prospects will notice more how you answer even more than what you say.




  • Steady Lead generation beats bursts of it every time. It’s much better to work steadily every day – talking to 4, 8 or 10 people each morning instead of 100 in a day once a week.  




  • Ask yourself “Do I care enough to dance with my fear?”  Everyone faces fear every day: fear of rejection, fear of prospecting, fear of failure, etc.  Are you willing to become more interested in your success and figure out how to feel the fear and still do what you said you would do?




  • If it’s not a “hell yes” then it’s a “no!”  Learn to say no even when it is uncomfortable. Attitude is the most important decision you make each moment.  




  • You can either suffer the pain of discipline or the pain of disappointment.  One is short-term – one may stay with you forever.   Say “hell yes” to discipline and income producing habits.  Both take effort.  Choose the short-term pain.



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