Monday News You Can Use!

  • Net Neutrality and why it’s a good thing for small business owners – that’s you! And why ending it will end up costing you significantly more.
  • 25 Hottest Real Estate Markets – Atlanta isn’t on the list!
  •  Selling your home during the Holidays – Don’t be a Scrooge and don’t overdo it!
  • Expensive housing market? Look into second homes or investments elsewhere.
Mind Hack of the Week

Increase Your Creativity

 If you ever want to feel more creative, try raising your eyebrows and widening your eyes. This simple technique appears to act as a boost for your creative mind, literally broadening the scope of your ideas as you widen your eyes and take more in. This is all backed by scientific research that was published in the Creativity Research Journal. Two groups of people were asked to come up with captions for a seemingly mundane image. Those with raised eyebrows had much more creative and funny captions. Try it for yourself at home and see how it works with your family.

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An Image Editor From Google – Some Cool Stuff


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