Monday News You Can Use!

Every Day starts Anew. Don’t dwell on yesterday (except to learn and grow from it!) Go forth and do what ought to be done by you today!! 

  • 50 Worst Cities to live in – what a horrible list! Atlanta makes it too!
  • Global warming, rising sea levels and you! The environment matters.
  • Want ultra luxury? Compare your taste to the super-rich in New York City (Send this to everyone)
  • Sales Prices dipped – still up year over year – but is this the fall market or the start of the down cycle? Stay tuned …
  • Since darker grey is the new in color – things to pair with a darker wall.
Mind Hack of the Week
Nodding your head while asking a question makes the other person more likely to agree with you. More on Nodding here. By the way, Coach Donna Fleetwood’s amazing course on neurolinguistic programming is available here.
Tech Tip 

Zillow Testing App

Zillow Testing apps allow 3-D Pictures and tours. Do you all use 3D technology yet?? Seems it is becoming popular and affordable.

 Springing Forth!

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