Monday News You Can Use!


  • Top Markets to invest in. Send this to your past clients asking them is its time to consider investing?
  •  Very interesting article about Brickvest – an international commercial real estate group that lets small investor buy commercial grade properties at levels of risk.
  •  Hipsters creating hot markets – flipsters are hipsters who buy, renovate, and sell!
  • Renters say this is a good time to buy. Send this article to clients who are renting. Or send this article which gives “better” details.
  • Hackathon – New York sponsoring a tech meeting to create new tech for us – I’m excited about the innovation. Know anyone who should attend?
Mind Hack of the Week
 There are no failures only results. Remove the emotion, remove the drama. Look at your results. Know you can NOT fail. You only get feedback that will help you reach your goals!

Tech Tip 

  Why type when you can Swype? As someone with lots of autocorrect errors and the seeming inability to read what I text before sending this program saves time and embarrassment.

 Alive Awake Alert Enthusiastic! 

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