Last Call Script Revisted…

New Coaching Client just asked:   Hi Donna,  If I have non-responsive people that I’d like to give one last call, what verbiage should I use? I don’t want to sound rude at all, but I want them to know that I’m done unless they call or email me back. Is that a good strategy?
Phillip Baird  Realtor Keller Williams Realty

My reply:

I call it the “last call” script….and it works. It’s like the the window is closing…

Hey, this is Phillip Baird with Keller Williams calling again…
I sure don’t want to be bugging you guys – I’m not that kind of salesperson – But I need to hear back from you if you are still at ALL interested in doing some business with me… either now, or in the future!
If you’ve found someone else, great… no need to get back with me.  But if not… I want to earn the right to be YOUR agent.  All I need from you is a quick call or email that says “Don’t give up on me” and I promise… I won’t!

I’ll also send an email you can just hit “reply” and handle this… or give me a call at XXXXX.

If I DON’T hear back from you I want you to know this will be my LAST CALL… I’m yours if you want me… and if not, I wish you the best and you of COURSE can always reach out to me and I’ll be here… but I won’t be calling again unless I hear from you!

Use your words, but something like this….

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