Monday News You Can Use!

  Top Markets to invest in. Send this to your past clients asking them is its time to consider investing?  Very interesting article about Brickvest - an international commercial real estate group that lets small investor buy Continue Reading

Monday News You Can Use!

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” — Winston Churchill Reported here about this NAR report. Student debt causes a 7-year delay for home buying. "Among non-homeowners, 83 percent cited student loan debt as the factor Continue Reading

Wise Agent Webinar on September 7th

Please join us at to 11 am EST on September 7th for a webinar with Donna Stott and Brandon Wise on How to Convert Leads into Sales Using Wise Agent's New Tools. Not able to attend the Webinar on September 7, Continue Reading

The White Paper

DOWNLOAD HERE: White Paper Sept 2017 True story in a land not so far away Seller Smith has their home on the market. They have an accepted contingency offer on Seller Brown’s house.   Seller Brown is under contract to buy Seller Jones Continue Reading

Monkey Mind Symptom #18

  Qualifying Statements: Do you remember the last time you tried to explain yourself out of keeping a promise? Or wiggled out of answering a “yes or no” question by not answering either one? Any part of that response is a qualifying statement. “I Continue Reading