Monday News You Can Use!

Wouldn’t it be nice if it were this easy to use other peoples money? A good video to send to your buyers on the fence - rent versus buying. Send to everyone - crazy homes for pets.  Wow - an article saying "take your real estate agents Continue Reading

Monday News You Use

Expensive homes being listed may be skewing the numbers. Love the last paragraph! Send this to your trade buyers -the time to move is now! What is this about? This is crazy! 50 Cents home finally sold! Cities where the median prices have Continue Reading

Monday News You Can Use

For your sellers - Data Says April is the best month to list your home for sale. When Warren Buffet speaks I listen - he's implying there’s no collusion in commission. He says brokers earn their money! FHA loans tightening up  Facebook fair Continue Reading

Monday News You Can Use

15 Features that upgrade your home and help if sell quicker. I like #7 for cost and how it looks. Interest rates at a 14 month low! and Homebuyers to get a springtime boost from lower-than-expected mortgage rates Cities that are losing Continue Reading

Monday News You Can Use

Is the open concept home dying? Send this to your buyers with the question - "What do you think?” Worried about that class action lawsuit? Many pundits say don’t worry! Differing opinion in two pretty brilliant embedded posts. Should have Continue Reading