A new client asked me to define more clearly what a CONTACT IS…

I replied to her but thought you might all want to see the reply….

A Contact is:
Two way communication between you and another human in which they understand you are looking to have them list with you, buy from you, or refer you business. This includes new contacts and lead follow up.
Simplified Examples of Contacts:
“Hi Barista at Starbucks!  Are you having a fabulous day? GOOD!  Hey, I’m Jane Doe and I’m a real estate agent!  I’m looking for people that might need my services…. who do you know that wants to buy or sell a home or investment?  No one? That’s OK, thanks for thinking about it… here’s a  couple of my cards for your wallet in case you think of someone that might need me. I do a really great job and it’s a FANTASTIC time to buy or sell!”

“Hi Past Client/COI!  It’s Jane Doe!  How’s everything? GREAT!  What will 2012 bring for your real estate life?  What can I do to HELP YOU or someone you know? Thanks, I’ll contact them right away. Let me give you some GREAT new information about real estate…ABCINFO… I sure appreciate your past and future business AND your referrals!  Do you have enough of my business cards in your wallet?

“Hi Miss FSBO – I’m Jane Doe with XYZ real estate, if you don’t sell the home yourself, are you likely to list in the next month, or will it be more like 2 or 3?”

“Hi Expired listing – I’m Jane Doe with XYZ, are you still interested in selling your home? Great, may I come over now or is 2pm better?”

“Hi Stranger, I’m Jane Doe and you are….?  What do YOU do for a living?  That sounds exciting! Oh! What do I do? I have the BEST job in the world!  I’m a real estate agent… Who do you know that may want to buy or sell in 2012?”

“Hi Facebook Chat Friend… I’m here working tonight, what are you up to?  Great!  By the way who do know that might want to buy or sell this year?”

Hi Active LIsting, Pending or Vendor, here’s an update on your XYZ… by the way… when you’re in the midst of selling or buying, it always seems EVERYONE talks to you about real estate, right?  I know… Hey, will you do me a favor and call, email or text me when that happens so I can work with those people you are talking to naturally? Let’s make sure you have 10 or 12 of my cards in your wallet to share with them, OK? I REALLY appreciate it! ”

Simplified Examples of NON contacts:
“Hi Joe, how ya doing?”
“Hi Jane, just calling to check on you guys”
“Hi Mr. Owner I have listed… here’s an update on your showings”
“Hi Ms. Buyer I have under contract, here’s an update on the pending process”

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