8.27.2012 Monday News you can USE (use these articles to contact DB)

Success isn’t outscoring someone, it’s the peace of mind that comes from self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best. Success is a journey, not a destination–half the fun is getting there.

– GITA BELLIN, A Sharing of Completion and Celebration

Some good numbers and interesting viewpoints- VIDEO – let it load:  Foreclosures are Awesome

Home depot believes we’ve recovered. Home Building Up

How bad do you want it? Great Motivational Speech (thanks Eric Thomas)

Will Short Sales wipe-out price gains? Is NOW is the time to sell for best price?

Working with FSBO’s – Homesellers using a realtor TWICE as likely to sell! 

Affordable places to live! 
 If you’re in one of them – then tell your buyers!

Canadian Home Prices – stable!!!

Your Peace of Mind, having Fun along the way Coaches!

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