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Strong Mindset Tip
Have powerful, vibrant and encouraging thoughts.

We need to pro-actively choose to put into our head each and everyday the ideas, the thoughts and the emotion attached to it to be in the state of mind we wish to ascertain. Setting the arena often helps with this.

Don’t choose the thoughts we want, we can find ourselves reacting to those thoughts fed by others. Those around us, Media, whispers and the overthinking mind.


Instead of starting the day thinking, “oh man, it’s going to be a rough day.”

Say, “I am going to make it a great day!” and smile along with it. Even if it sounds silly at first. Just do it over the course of a couple of weeks and you’ll start noticing how much of a better day you’ll have.

I am willing to be …

Tech Tip
Smart Furniture: The chair of the future looks wonderful!
This is the coolest (and weirdest) smart furniture to own in 2019
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