5 things Learned so Far this Year – 2013

It’s mid year… time for reflection and gearing up for 2nd half. I got this idea from Michael at Box of Crayons and have edited his ideas to fit my own thoughts. He’s another brilliant guy, who also studies Seth Godin (THE most brilliant thinker out there that I know of)…

1. Find good people and figure out how to spend time with them.  YCM coaches have done that with the Academy for Coaching Excellence this year.  NEW good people… maybe not in sales… maybe not in your normal realm… can expand your mind and your life.  Like the incredible social changemaker Justin Haaheim

2. When you hear Monkey Mind screaming the loudest, you are up to something BIG.  Celebrate that fact, calm the monkey and Move FORWARD, not letting the monkey sounds stop you.

3. The things that upset us most, if we can learn to OBSERVE them, create the gap we need to tell the truth about them. And that truth is almost always: It wasn’t that important after all in the great scheme of things.

4. It’s OK if it’s not that hard. Simple is not “bad”.  Let it be simple.

5. Asking for help is not a weakness. It’s a gift.  People want to help… in fact, they get “helper’s high” from helping you.  So asking for an accepting help is a way to actually help OTHERS! 🙂

What are Your top 5 things YOU learned so far this year?


  1. This is really good stuff

  2. 1. Get back to basics & make it simple.
    2. Create momemtum to get to next level.
    3. The commitment I give to my business, shows up on my results.

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