2017 – Goal Setting for Real Estate Agents

Setting our intentions for how we want to see our business in 2017 prosper and add to our abundance is a momentous conversation with yourself. If you are Team leader, this conversation must happen first alone. And only then with the Team.

For most of us selling real estate today we ARE looking to improve our net worth as a result of our business.

Yes, we are helping buyers and sellers from a spirit of contribution… AND in doing that, we improve our net worth for our families and causes we support.

Net Worth Can Only Be Improved In 4 Ways: 

1. Pay off unsecured debt

2. Stop money leaking out through waste

3. Save and invest

4. Make more Money

You can use all of those principles in your business, but for the rest of this post we are going to be looking at #4. Make more money.

There Are 5 Important Things To Look At In Deciding What Your Goals For 2017 Will Be: 

1. Looking, seeing and telling the truth about 2016, what did you do right and how can you duplicate that with a system? What did you do that you wish to avoid and what system can be put into place to avoid those things you don’t want?

Don’t try to design the masterpiece right here… just LOOK and write down the truth about what needs to be done.

2. What are your minimum standards? If you don’t have any, this is the year to set some. Decide to refer out business that does not fit into your minimum. Understand that the minimum is lower than the average. These may include area, price range, minimum income you’ll accept on a deal, a transaction fee, type of loan you’ll work… even a “difficulty level” factor.

3. Look at improving your income in the coming year by 15-25%. Yes, doing more is possible, but get on track for 15-25% growth in the first quarter and THEN up the goal in April.

4. Look at the support you need to meet your goals. Do you have that in place now, or will you need to put that in place before your new plan can unfold with ease? Plan to spend 30-60% of your gross income in expenses. Ask me why if that figure isn’t what you believed it would be.

5. How will you spend the money you make? How much for business expenses and other deductible expenses? How much goes to regular bills and taxes? How much to trips and travel? How much to causes you support? How much for entertainment and dining?

Is your goal high enough to cover what you want to accomplish with your cup running over? If you need help with this process, ask us for an application to schedule a free strategy session offered ONLY in the month of December. We have 20 slots to fill and when they are gone, they are gone. info@yourcoachingmatters.com

Another Option! Join us at our Goal Setting Event: https://yourcoachingmatters.com/FLgoals

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