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Harvesting verses Creating

Inspired by Seth Godin's blog today: Most agents simply "harvest demand".   The look for people that already want to buy or sell and them simply "get involved in their sale/purchase".  I'm not knocking that... it's what we've all done in this Continue Reading

10.29.12 Monday News you SHOULD use (today)

“Enthusiasm is excitement with inspiration, motivation, and a pinch of creativity.” New home sales hit 2 year high! Latest Mortgage Fraud - Flopping - interesting stats they quote - short sales have tripled in last 3 years. What do you think Continue Reading

What would YOU say?

Client wrote to me today: The following is a response that I received from someone that wanted to see one of our listings and I asked if they had or would have a Realtor work for them.  Very eloquently written but.. well, you'll see... For now I am Continue Reading

Thanks for your Coaching!

Thanks to all of you that pointed out I really should raise my minimum standards... I am COACHABLE! :) Continue Reading


From Michael@ Box of Crayons: You can only break the rules in a smart way if you know what they are. Write down the 10 unspoken rules that are dictating how you currently play the game. (Really. It's worth doing.) Any of those worth Continue Reading