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12.26.2011 GOOD NEWS!

Excerpt:  If you're in the mood for an uplifting holiday, take cheer: •The world is getting more peaceful. Though it might not seem so, with the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan grabbing so many headlines, the past decade has seen a remarkable Continue Reading

12.19.11 Monday News you can USE – Each line is a link…

When does tearing a vacancy down make sense?  60 Minutes  Many of you have asked me (for years) for an option to 800 info line.... We have never seen the inside of a pricing model before:  Goldman Sachs Factors When times are hard- FSBO’s Continue Reading


In 1998 The Stott Team generated $172,000 - we were one of the FIRST real estate companies that had a website!  Check it out, it's still up and working and it's Imagine how far back it was to get THAT 5 letter website... yep... a LONG time Continue Reading

12.5.2012 Monday News You can USE – Use it this week with your DB!

Housing Prices still stuck in the mud - read this... and feel sorry for us in those 4 really bad markets! Foreclosures Mostly halted for the Holidays Drop Box and Incredibly Useful tool - do you use it and how do you use it? First major Continue Reading