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11.28.11 Monday NEWS YOU CAN USE!

Low Low Rates - Does EVERY person in your Database KNOW about this? CLICK HERE  3.98% For your Sellers that think it will be better in the Spring. Do they want to lose another 5%? Send them THIS: Analysts Now say housing recovery in 2013 after 5% Continue Reading

11.14.11 Monday News you can Use

Are We Becoming A Society Programmed To Rent? What can you DO about this trend in your community? Are you DOING anything about it?  Renting versus Owning Income Gap Between Generations "Largest Ever"  (skip the ad) CLICK HERE for the Continue Reading

What if?

From TUT - modified slightly... What if your every conflict, disappointment, struggle or challenge, with others or yourself, was merely a manifestation of what's going on within your own thinking... would you go there first to fix, mend, and Continue Reading

11.7.11 Monday News you can USE – check out the Gen Y article… might learn something!

Good news for Residential Resales - new home construction at new low - long term this  can hurt resales in that there are fewer trade-up /trade downs transactions, but it also can stablize re-sale prices.... Click to read: NewHomeSales Adults kids Continue Reading

LIVE where you want to BE…

Be there. Go there now and never leave. Imagine that your dreams have already come true. Live your life from that mindset. Predicate your behavior on THAT reality, not what surrounds you now. Filter every thought, question, and answer from Continue Reading