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10.31.11 Monday News you and USE! (and use them!)

What do the builder know and do  that your sellers won't:  Cut Prices to increase sales Don't expect this to speed the recovery but it might help your clients:  Foreclosure Review Triple Dip??? CNN thinks so.. click here... And it's a great Continue Reading

10.24.11 Monday News You Can USE (see Jobs Quote at bottom)

We sometimes forget what our NAR and loacal boards have to offer.  Here's something interesting:Customizable Print on Demand Brochures! Housing Triple Dip or Seasonal Variation?  View CNBC Video here Why Americans Not Buying Homes... See Continue Reading

Are YOU going to Finish Strong?

Two minutes, forty one seconds.  If you've seen before, watch again... CLICK HERE Who are you to say you can't do it.... you CAN do it.  ANYONE can do it... even Nick. Do you have what you need? YES.  REACH DEEP. You have 10 weeks to finish Continue Reading

10.17.11 Monday News you can USE!

It’s time to buy that house! Click here.... Rates going back up? Click here... No news to our clients – foreclosures still a problem... click here Got home building ideas – could you be an innovator? Click here! Gov’t Foreclosures – will Continue Reading

There are 3 Sales in Almost Every Deal….

Did you know there are 3 sales that occur in most real estate sales?  That's right... you have to sell the property THREE times.  And if you are not effective at ALL THREE sales, you may not close the deal... Sale #1 First, you must sell the Continue Reading