11.5.12 Monday News you can USE (please SHARE)

One Reason Why America is Great – we pull together in times of tragedy.

You can literally find 100’s of articles highlighting small (and large) acts of kindness and charity! Makes Us Proud!

Mortgage Relief for disaster affected homes. This is a good one to share with anyone in the NE…

This guy is peddling (as a volunteer) to help charge cell phones!

We LOVE this kind of a “surge”: Consumer Confidence Up!  Builders Building! People Buying Houses FASTER, inventories FALLING!

Prudential Sold to Berkshire Hathaway – read Warren Buffet (Canada not affected).

Realogy IPO successful. The franchises are here to stay!

HUGE NEWS TO SHARE WITH YOUR DATABASE: Foreclosure in your Past? FHA may allow you to buy after 3 years!

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