1.23.12 Monday News you can USE

” Your greatest asset is yourself. Treat it like a billion dollar investment.”

 – Kaoru Shinmon

Wow – video on the growth of technology. (Thanks Kate) How can you use this to your advantage in real estate? Let us know.

Housing Market affecting the Presidential Elections: Florida Primary  Has anyone heard a word about extending the mortgage debt relief act?

Steal This House? Are your marketing your listings with the PEAK price compared to today?  Is it time for you or your clients to buy an investment?  Steals

Is it time for some of your clients to Trade Up? LUXURY HOMES

New homes are being built!  What do the builders know that the general public doesn’t? THEY KNOW THE MARKET IS IMPROVING!   Start Ups

Does this change the landscape for flat fee brokerages in Toronto? Court Ruling

Interesting Ad:  How do you help buyers decide to sign the contract now?

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