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Smallville Area Real Estate Statistical Data for January 2012
124 new homes were listed for sale the last 30 days at an average price of $285,000
1234 homes total are on the market as of January 1, 2012 at an average price of $265,000
49 homes sold in the last 30 days at an average price of $240,000
This is 4 more sold homes in 1 month since February 2007 – looking good, but still statistically insignificant, so don’t get TOO excited yet.
The Average price is even with last month, which was the lowest average price since 1999.

What’s New and Exciting in RE News
Interest rates rose .25% the last month overall – still good, but creeping up. If you plan to buy, might want to do it sooner rather than later
The HARP program is a total flop. Not working at all… Ask if you want more details.
California Pizza Kitchen will open spring of this year at ABC Mall – yippee!
The Groundhog Day Festival on Feb 2 will be held at 1234 Main St – begins at 7am. For details call 123-233-3456

John’s Crystal Ball – wooooo – let me get my giant class ball out….
You saw my predictions first of the year… and we’ll follow those in this portion of the news. So far, I’m right on target about the # of sales increasing.
My Crystal ball this month says watch for an even HIGHER number of pendings coming up. Pent up Demand is causing an increase in activity. Now…. will the buyers actually pull the trigger??

Monthly Reality TV – CASE STUDY
Names and details are changed to protect the innocent, but these are TRUE stories….
Mr. Jones listed his home with me in spring of 2011. He listed at 8% over my recommended price.  in summer we reduced the price of the home by 5% but the market had continued to fall and my recommendation at that time was to go down 9% off his original price.  In my opinion, he was still overpriced by at least 4% to get a buyer to offer.  By fall my recommendation, based on the comparable homes selling all year was to drove another 7%.  This time, Mr. Jones followed this advice. We sold the home at just 1% below that last price and he was able to move by Christmas.  Moral of the story… had Mr. Jones taken my recommended list price in the spring, he likely would have sold for 5% more than he ultimately did, as he was chasing the market down, and not chasing hard or fast enough.   I will ALWAYS give you the best advice to sell at the highest possible price for THAT MOMENT IN TIME.  If you take my advice, you are likely to sell FAST and for MORE MONEY.  Let me know if you want an honest opinion on what your home is worth TODAY.

As always, I am so grateful for your referrals as well as your past and future business. I take the buying and selling of homes seriously and you can count on my to protect your interests when I represent you.  Please let me know this month how I can serve YOU or someone you know. I’m here for you…

Your Realtor, John

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