What would YOU say?

Client wrote to me today: The following is a response that I received from someone that wanted to see one of our listings and I asked if they had or would have a Realtor work for them.  Very eloquently written but.. well, you’ll see… For now I am going to ignore her comments until we meet in person.

“My husband and I are currently not working with an Agent and are arranging to see properties independently. We would like to showcase ourselves as attractive buyers by presenting both the seller and the selling agent an opportunity to modify the commission arrangement to both of their advantages”. 

My reply: Good to just ignore. If she brings it up again, try this –

“The good news is I don’t charge a commission that’s paid by the Buyer. Commissions are not the buyers concern when you work with me. My commission arrangement is a contract between the Seller and my Company. Let’s get your offer in and if there are negotiations on commission, that’s between the Seller and my Company. I’m sure you understand I can’t legally discuss the terms of my Company’s contract with an outside party… so please, don’t ask me to violate that trust…

Let’s get the offer written up and I’ll put in the contract you are representing yourself if that’s what you prefer, OK?”

What would YOU say?

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