2 of 7 -The Secret Ingredient to Getting Things Done

% Goes Up!
” The % of getting things done goes up dramatically when you calendar important items…”

I’ve learned something recently. It may seem obvious to you… bear with me. I am a person who gets things done. I do great work, have great clients, have a great personal life, and yet, there is always something on my list of what I wanted to get done… that didn’t get done, yet.  The crowned Queen of carrying things forward. Until now.

We know how important it is to calendar everything you want to actually DO in physical reality. The % of getting things done goes up dramatically when you calendar important items, therefore, I routinely put projects on my calendar as repeating events, until they are done.  Like: “Write Coaches Training Program”. That has been on my monthly calendar as a 1-hour time block for a very long time. Embarrassingly long.  When the event comes up, I either move it forward or delete it, following my own Rules.  I’ve “not now-ed” that event for 3 years other than a few minutes, a few times. I changed my draft date on the document from 2012 to 2013 to 2014 to 2015.  Until now.

Adding ONE change to this event in my calendar, created HUGE progress over the last 3 weeks. The Secret Ingredient.  The change was asking for support from one of our new Coaches and my own Coach. I confessed I’ve been “meaning” to do this forever and asked if they’d be willing to spend 1/2 hour a week on a conference line, brainstorming together as we create this program. I then spend the next hour after that on my own (easy to stick to after brainstorming for an hour!) This support caused the “to do” get DONE. I was so excited I added support to another event in my calendar called “Write Absentee-Owner Course”.  That too is now getting DONE.

Who could you ask to support you on a project you’ve been meaning to do?



  1. It’s fantastic that you got it done!, now I’m getting my to do list on Calendar too, will follow up with results, thank you for posting this great message.

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