The Perfect Client

How to find your perfect client. With more ease. And Grace.
(have to do the exercise for the clarity and focus part)

First, this is NOT about “eliminating” anyone. That’s what Minimum Standards do.  Just for this moment, allow yourself to IMAGINE ONE PERFECT CLIENT. As specifically as you can. This is simply an EXERCISE in envisioning a perfect client so you can be on the lookout for them.  So you can recognize them.

If what we focus on we get more of, we want to be imagining them all the time.

All part of those 4 words we’ve been talking about. Clarity, focus, ease, grace.
What are choosing to put our attention on? Our FOCUS on…

Some questions that might help you find YOUR idea of a perfect client.
1. Is your perfect client a Buyer or a Seller? (If you simply you can’t pick one, then envision each separately)

2. Where did you find them?

3. What do they KNOW before coming to you… or UNDERSTAND by the time you’ve done your presentation?

4. What do they (and their property) LOOK like physically?

5. When do they want to work with you?

6. How quickly do they make decisions when presented the options clearly?

7. What is their motivation?

8. What do they do for a living?

9. How profitable are they to you? How much do you make serving them?

10. How do they behave?

11. What does your perfect client WANT from you?
Bonus Exercise –  Ask yourself:  Am I delivering on that want from my perfect client?
What OTHER Questions did you answer in finding your perfect client?

DETAIL your perfect client. Go find a picture of them online. Our brain understands pictures better than words.
Share it with your coach.

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