1 of 7 – The 7 Day Challenge

Seth Godin has challenged me to do a Blog Post every day for a week.

Just one week, so don’t panic. It’s just 7 days. Hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do writing them… and hope this inspires YOU to do something every day for the next 7 days too. What could you do that would be meaningful for you?

DAY ONE POST:  Do it, Move it, or Delete it

If you want to do something, get it on your calendar… right? Time Management 101. Here are Two Simple Rules to help you do that in a way that makes this actually work.

Rule #1 – Enter everything you want to do in your day (and night) on an easy-to-edit calendar like Mac’s Calendar program (which I use) or Google Calendars.  “Everything” meaning everything you MIGHT not do if it’s not written down. I don’t have shower and brush my teeth, but I do have Lunch because I will sometimes skip it if it’s not on the calendar. Leave some white spaces too for Rule 2.

Rule #2 – Do it, Move it, or Delete it. Every item on your calendar either gets done… or moved… or deleted. And here’s the kicker. If you move it or delete it… replace it with what you actually DID do during that time. Your Calendar is now be a History of the past – what really happened in your physical reality… and a Vision of the future – what you want tomorrow, and next week and next month to be.  My history of the past includes a lot of “admin” blocks, which I know includes answering emails, looking at stuff online, etc. Don’t specific yourself to death. Just tell the truth.

PastedGraphic-1(4)Only when we tell the truth can we make meaningful changes to our Calendar creating more clarity, focus and ease in our lives. Not to mention getting a whole lot more done.

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