Monday News You Can Use!

"When you have confidence, you can have a lot of fun. And when you have fun, you can do amazing things." -Joe Namath Get your buyers off the fence-National home prices hit 2.5 year high! Ask your sellers we’ve been rising in most markets for (2,3,4,5??) years how long until the next Continue Reading

Monkey Mind Symptom # 10, 11 & 12

Excuses:  We make excuses when we haven’t done something we said we would do. Usually anything following “because” is an excuse: I didn’t take the trash out because I overslept.   Rationalization: A rationalization is an excuse with details: I didn’t take the trash out because I Continue Reading

Monday News You Can Use!

New Monday, New Week, New Goals! A new quarter starts this week! How exciting!   We offer value to the transaction - not for disseminating but it's a great article - commissions have actually average higher the past ten years, jobs are down, people want an agent! Send this one to Continue Reading

Monkey Mind Symptom #9

Either/Or Thinking: Monkey really gets creative with this one. “Either I can save money OR I can pay off my debt. I can’t possibly do both!” “Either I can get a good night’s sleep OR I can exercise in the morning.” Sound familiar? This symptom limits possibilities and stymies our creative process. Continue Reading

Monkey Mind Symptom #8

Being victim or martyr: When we’re in the victim and/or martyr energy, we believe that life is happening TO us, rather than BY us, or THROUGH us. We’re looking for someone to blame, rather than taking responsibility for our decisions and actions. Remember the old Flip Wilson bit, “The devil made me Continue Reading