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"I think nerves stop you from doing things. Make you stop and maybe make you withdraw. Then there's excitement where you can't wait to do it."                                                                   -Michael Pena Mortgage interest deduction at risk and rates expected to rise Continue Reading

Monday News You Can Use!

"Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star."                                                                  -W. Clement Stone   My market is Number 138!! The best place to flip in 2017! There are some interesting stats hidden in this article too! Shortage of Continue Reading

Monday News You Can Use!

"When you are having fun and creating something you love, it shows in the product. So when a woman is sifting through a rack of clothes, somehow that piece of clothing that you had so much fun designing speaks to her; she responds to it and buys it. I believe you can actually transfer that energy to Continue Reading

Monday News you Can Use!

"The way to get started is to quit talking and start doing." - Walt Disney Where to stash your Downpayment savings? Good article to send to first-time buyer leads. Foreclosure Filings down 22% across the country. Have investor clients? This may help explain why “great deals” are hard to Continue Reading

Monday News You Can Use

Is the American Dream done? Nope! 60%+ own and more want to. Let's show them how! Why the highest offer isn’t always the best! Send this to your seller clients!Even if you're not in a hot market it opens the discussion to price versus terms for ANY seller. For your veterans to see: Mistakes a Continue Reading