Monkey Mind Symptom #7

7. Resignation: “Never mind, it doesn’t matter… it’s really not important. This is much harder than I thought it would be, and it won’t make a difference anyway.” Oh, monkey, how you mess with us on this one! How often do we surrender to the defeated energy of resignation, trying to convince ourselves that it really doesn’t matter to us… when it really does. Resignation is often tinged with sadness, despair, fatigue and/or lethargy. True confessions: This is one of my top three MM symptoms. My personal coping mechanism for resignation is to take one small, sweet step. And I mean a very small sweet step. The paralysis (feeling frozen) often caused by resignation can feel overwhelming, making any movement monumentally difficult. Taking just one very small – teeny weeny – sweet step starts to thaw us at the border. It’s also important (as it is with all the symptoms) to reach out for support when we realize that we are having a huge monkey mind fit. And as with the other symptoms that stop us at the border, keeping our Standards of Integrity and our Life’s Intentions handy is helpful in reminding us who we are and that our goals and dreams ARE important.

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