Monkey Mind Symptom #18

  Qualifying Statements: Do you remember the last time you tried to explain yourself out of keeping a promise? Or wiggled out of answering a “yes or no” question by not answering either one? Any part of that response is a qualifying statement. “I almost got it done… I’m close to finishing my homework… I sort of stuck to my diet this week.” When we swing with qualifying statements, we’re at the border of “anything other than yes is no.” We cross this border by answering truthfully (what happened or didn’t happen in physical reality), period. No wishy-washiness, no buying ourselves a time or coming up with an excuse, rationalization or justification (don’t you love it when those pesky symptoms start swinging together?). A simple “yes” or “no” will do, thank you. Remember, monkey loves vague. Our actions don’t move us forward when we’re not clear. It’s simply the buzzing of flies. Qualifying statements keep us in the buzzing, and out of moving forward with our next meaningful step. The opportunity is to practice letting our yes be yes, and our no be no. Clear, sweet and coherent.

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