Monkey Mind Symptom #19

Complaining/Petulance: “But I don’t want to do what I said I would do!”, said with the appropriate whine. “Why do I always have to _________?” fill in the blank of your favorite complaint. Petulance stamps its foot, sometimes literally, and demands to get its own way. Complaining finds something wrong with everything. Even when life is good, when monkey is swinging with complaining, we find the dark cloud within the silver lining. Complaining and petulance are the antitheses of grace. Grace is our capacity to be grateful for our journey, and for those who share it. When we’re focused on gratitude, our complaints are much less interesting. When we shift from complaining to being grateful, our energy shifts from what won’t work to what will, from negativity to possibility. The gift of this symptom is to turn complaints into opportunities. When tempted to complain, ask yourself (whilst looking at your Standards of Integrity card), “How would a person with these qualities show up in this interaction/situation/relationship?”  As the song says, “Turn a frown upside down, and spread a little love around”. So the next time you’re tempted to complain, thank monkey for sharing, find something to be grateful for and turn that frown into a smile. You’ll be happier and so will those that share your journey.

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