Monkey Mind Symptom #16

Bargaining: Bargaining exemplifies another aspect of the 9-11-year-old monkey mind, that of getting what we deserve. When we’re in bargaining mode, everything becomes a negotiation. “If I pay all my bills on time this month, I get to use one of my credit cards to go shopping.” Or, “If I stick to my calories today, I can have ice cream before bed.” This conversation implies that we have been deprived in some way, and now we deserve a reward. When the monkey is swinging with bargaining, we might see taking an authentic action, and/or keeping a promise, as something worthy of a reward, instead of a demonstration of doing what we said we would do with clarity, focus, ease, and grace. When we notice the energy of bargaining creeping into our life, we have the opportunity to remember the experience of coherence – satisfaction, fulfillment, meaning and harmony – and see that it is its own reward.



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