Monkey Mind Symptom #14

14. Deflection:

Deflection shows up when we’re getting close to the truth, as in look, see, and tell the truth. It’s usually in the form of a joke or sarcastic comment intended to deflect attention away from us by derailing the conversation. A common rationalization for deflection is “I was just making a joke. Get a sense of humor!” Deflection is an attempt to alleviate the discomfort of looking at something we’d rather not see. Webster’s Dictionary defines deflection as “a turning aside or deviation from a straight line.” When we are willing to be a demand for coaching, to search out and bring us all the lessons available to us in this interaction/experience, we are on a “straight line” to learning and growth, and the creation of an authentic action. Deflection is monkey’s way of getting us off course and away from the border, of trying to “just get (us) comfortable”, as Pema Chodron so wisely observed. When you notice a deflection about to pop out, breath, get quiet and notice what’s up. Are you willing to be uncomfortable for a moment? It’s a small price to pay for the opportunity to wake up to what’s been holding us back from accomplishing our goals and bringing our most heartfelt dreams into reality.

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