Monkey Mind Symptom # 13

  1. Fragmentation:

Fragmentation shows up as the “part of me” conversation. “Part of me really wants to create a goal worth playing for, but part of me doesn’t think it’s necessary.” Fragmentation allows us to talk ourselves out of taking powerful, authentic action. By going back and forth between two (or more)  imaginary “parts” we suck the energy right out of even our most wonderful dreams and ideas. This symptom surfaces old beliefs that have held us back from accomplishing our goals, the voice that is determined to keep us “safe” and maintain the status quo. When this monkey starts to swing, we get to ask ourselves what ALL of us wants to do. What new conclusion are we willing to create that supports are in demonstrating in our wholeness? This symptom brings the gift of clarity. We actually hear the conversation that has been holding us back by stopping us at the border. And once we see it, we don’t need to be it.

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