Money Mind Symptom #15

15.  Solidifying: Solidifying is treating an abstract concept as though it were an object in physical reality.  It is literally to make something “hard or solid” such as changing from a liquid or a gaseous form to a solid one. This becomes monkey mind when we solidify our beliefs and opinions, or our “issues”. For instance, talking about our self-esteem, or lack thereof, as if it was an actual, physical thing. Or allowing our structures of knowing to become so “firm” that we become intractable and un-coachable. Eastern philosophies suggest that we become like water, fluid and flowing, supple and moving. When our monkey is swinging with solidifying, we are reminded to be open and receptive, to soften our attachment to even our most closely held thoughts, beliefs and opinions, and open ourselves to the flow of possibility, to new ways of seeing, being and doing in the world.

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