Monday News You Can Use!

“I think nerves stop you from doing things. Make you stop and maybe make you withdraw.

Then there’s excitement where you can’t wait to do it.” 

                                                                 -Michael Pena

  • Mortgage interest deduction at risk and rates expected to rise after hitting a 6 month low! Get your buyers to buy now!
  • The mortgage interest tax deduction has long been considered politically untouchable — until now.
  • The 30-year fixed-rate mortgage followed the path of the 10-year Treasury yield, which sank six basis points during the week, moving opposite of its price.
  • Homelight (matching sellers and agents gets funding to grow but it acknowledges only 18% or sellers find their agents on line!  Are you calling your past clients?
  • Hurricane Harvey – Air BNB giving free housing to refugees
  • Days on Market signal hot markets for August. Go Detroit Go!


Mind Hack of the Week

Be careful who you listen to. Surround yourself with advisers who will “give it to you straight”–and learn how to block out the naysayers. There are no “can’ts”…only “won’ts”.  Become more interested in people who help you become more interested in the positive; not those focussed on the negatives!

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